Jun 9, 2012

A Close encounter with GOD –II

(Continued from previous post) 

Humanity has seen humongous amount of changes over centuries, but the search for God has been one common thing right from Stone Age, up until today. Some people believe in God, while some people believe in themselves more than anything else. There is a third category of people who don't fall in either of these categories- they neither believe in God to a full extent, nor in themselves. Many of us fall into this category, and that’s the main reason for most of the miseries faced in life. (What do YOU believe in?) Even a more intriguing question to mull over is- Is there actually a difference between believing in God and believing in yourself at all?? 

Zooming back to my contemplation atop the sacred hills – As I finished hearing each of the personalities’ mystical answers to “WHO IS GOD?”, I felt the stars pulling me towards the unfathomable realm of GOD again. As I remained in the incredible trance, I saw myself gliding into thoughts of two experiences from my own distant past…

It was many years ago - the time when I was a college student. All that I got from my dad was a meager amount as pocket money. Just after finishing my lunch, I walked on the street on a late Sunday afternoon when I was confronted by a little, shabby clothed old lady who was in her late eighties. She came closer to me and earnestly implored, Son, I’m very hungry. Can you please spare me 1 Rupee for buying a vada for lunch…? I felt sorry for her, and without any hesitation, I spontaneously emptied out my pocket of all the crippled notes and coins and gave her all the money that I had. She was dumb-struck for a moment. I asked her to rather go and eat a sumptuous Biryani for lunch. She became totally overjoyed which reflected in the way her tiny old eyes shined. She smiled gratefully, baring her toothless mouth and glowed with radiance. I felt as if the petty money in my wallet illuminated her and the light transformed to everywhere- to every nook and corner of the street - the whole area was glowing with an aura of benevolence, joy and karma. All for a day’s pocket money.

Initially I felt the stars pulling me towards the realm of GOD was just an act of my mind. But soon I realized that this was not bound within my mind. It transcended to a limitless space of wholeness and oneness. This realm was not limited to time, space or any other boundaries. Continuing my journey towards this realm, I quickly slid into the thoughts of my second experience.

It was after I got my first job. I wanted to give away half of my first month’s salary to people who are in darn need. However, I didn’t believe in just “donating” money in the name of a cause, but wanted to go to an old age home, organize a free lunch, serve them all myself, and indulge in the whole experience. The free lunch at the old age home happened as I had wished. After their hunger was satisfied, all the old men and women sat around me and chatted leisurely. However, one among them still did not seem glad.

This old lady was staring at the wall as she spoke to me: “If you find Murugesan, can you please ask him to visit me sometime?” She kept repeating the same sentence at least 3 or 4 times. I thought for a moment and could easily guess that this Murugesan was the old lady’s son who didn’t take care of his mother in her old age. I went closer to her, held her hand and said with warmth, “I know Murugesan. I’ll definitely ask him to visit you soon!” She smiled with all her heart, this time turning her face towards me. Finally as I was preparing to leave from the old age home, some of them asked me what the occasion was, that made me do a good deed today.  I said to them aloud, “I got to meet and have a special lunch with you all, and that’s the occasion!” This day, I was able to fill a few empty stomachs, bring smile to the barren lips, and console a few wounded souls – all for just half of my monthly salary and some warmth in heart. I left the place not just “donating” or “serving food”, but it was much more than that.

Now that I was in a constant contemplation, all the answers to "WHO IS GOD" by those personalities and my two experiences flashed in my mind back and forth. All their answers didn't quite refer to someone very far and external. And my mind brought me my own experiences as answers. I was at the verge of understanding the answer to the question. As the stars put me to a sudden halt, I knew that I was already within the realm of GOD. With an eye-blinding luminescence and an enchanting realization, I saw God, Himself.

He was indeed the closest one to me in my life, who I have been with, all the time I have existed.
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