Sep 29, 2010

Your life-long diary had been written 4000 years ago by someone else!

Many of my friends have asked me to write more about Naadi astrology and my own experience with it. Right at the outset, I have to acknowledge that I’ve been an outright skeptic of all forms of astrology prevailing in the world. Almost all forms of astrology practised in the world (like Hindu astrology, Western astrology and Chinese astrology) are based on the relative positions of celestial bodies. But interestingly, Naadi astrology differs from this. It is more of an ‘occult prediction’ recorded on palm leaves supposedly 4000 years ago, for the future human generations on earth. But did Naadi change my perceptions on astrology? What did it do to me? Did it succeed, or fail to prove itself? We’ll see all that in my next post! Before that, let me unravel the mystic and the most interesting Naadi astrology..

Naadi astrology (Naadi jyothidam) has been practised in the state of Tamil Nadu, India, for thousands of years. These were written by ancient Tamil sages called ‘Siththars’. The most famous Siththar of all was Agathiyar. He had written Naadi predictions for almost all human beings in the world- for all generations, including our future generations! These had been taken copies of by several generations, and what we have today are palm leaf manuscripts in Tamil vatteluththu script (though a significant proportion has been lost in time). Anyone who seeks Naadi astrology is taken an impression of their thumb (left for females, right for males). Each unique thumbprint forms an index with which the corresponding set of palm leaves can be identified. These palm leaves can be read out by anyone who knows to read Tamil vatteluthu script (as opposed to only astrologers rendering predictions with the other forms). Nothing other than a thumbprint is required. 

The palm leaf manuscript starts with a hymn that praises Lord Shiva, and goes on to say what your name is, what your father’s and mother's names are, when you were born, how many siblings you have, what is your current profession, and goes until it reveals your future life up until death. (Ashtonishing, isn’t it? But how valid is this? We'll see this in my next post!) Well, this is just the basic chapter, which tells an overview of one’s life. There are 11 more chapters which go into detailed predictions about one’s mother, father, siblings, marriage, future spouse (s) and children, relationships, health, diseases, wealth, accidents, rituals that can dilute past bad deeds, business, longevity, etc. Phew.. And not just that- there are also two chapters that talk about your previous birth and where you will be born in your next birth on earth! Creepy enough.

Well, Agathiyar did not write only Naadi astrology, and he is not the only siththar. There were 18 siththars who are considered to be the primary ones. Some of them are Agathiyar, Thirumoolar, Korakkar and Bogar. Each siththar had 8 great powers (siththis) such as Anima (to become as tiny as an atom), Mahima (to become big in unshakeable proportions), Laghima (to become as light as vapour in levitation, Prapti (to enter into other bodies in transmigration). Agathiyar is also said to have lived for 1000 years (Can't take it? Well, the biblical Noah lived for 950 years according to the Old Testament of Bible. Very ancient history is beyond proofs. We’d rather not waste time in pondering if it’s pseudoscience or not). Besides naadi astrology, the other contributions of these ancient Tamil siththars were writings on: Alchemy, Siddha medicine (using herbs), Tamil grammar and Tantra which were in humongous volumes each (here, it’s superfluous to mention about the ancient Tamil literature’s vastness).

Agathiyar Siththar

And finally, why is it called Naadi?! Naadi means ‘to seek’ in Tamil. It essentially means that you will seek Naadi astrology only when you are destined to do so- on the destined date - which would be mentioned in the first few lines of one's Naadi palm leaf!

I mentioned in one of my previous posts encouraging everyone to write and record their life in their diary. Well, perhaps I should take my word back. Why write one if a Siththar had written yours already 4000 years ago?!


  1. Great piece of post.... there were several sithars in the name o agthiyar. more over agathiyar is a title given to great sage. Since from Tamil language origin (not defined)to sangam period tamilnadu got many agathiyar.

    any how it is very interesting topic. godd job


  2. Thanks, Kalidas! I'm surprised to read that you've known about the debate that many sages existed with the name Agathiyar. It's a very interesting one, and I will write a post dedicated to Siththars soon (but only after substantial research). However, that is not an answer to the debated longevity of the siththars. To make things even more intriguing, it is supposed that many of these siththars STILL live in 'Sathuragiri' mountain near Thaanipparai in Tamil Nadu!


  3. Well, the original was the Rishi Agastya, connected with the Rigveda, and founding the Agastya Gotra, particularly associated with South India. According to Pargiter, he was contemporary of Alarka of Kashi, of generation 42 or 43 after Manu, that is 52-53 generation before the Mahabharata battle. According to my chronology, that means XXV century BC. In the Mahabharata he is placed in the North (Gangadvara, Sindhu), and in the South (Pandya, Dravida). He married Lopamudra, daughter of the king of Vidarbha, which was south of the Vindhyas. It is possible that he or his descendants brought the Vedic tradition into South India. And that Nadi astrology is mythically attributed to Agastya for this reason, since he is considered the source of sacred knowledge in South India. Or maybe the founder of Nadi astrology was a Brahmin of the Agastya Gotra...

  4. Hi Hemanth, I been trying to find a reliable place for me to read my Naadi astrology. Can you please update me on the location where you went to get your read. I just came across this post and it seems it was god sent.Plz update.

  5. Hi Sentil,

    Please click "like" on Facebook (at the right side of the blog). I've provided details about this place in the Facebook page.

    Follow the blog, and keep sharing your thoughts!


  6. Hi
    I read through this entire thread and am very impressed. I would like to have a reading for myself done. Could you guide how I can get this done and whom to contact. my email
    Please respond. Thanks

  7. Hi Hemanth,
    I have heard about Nadi astrology, I would like to have a check of my nadi astrology, could you please help me where this can be done.
    Please update me on this.
    Thank you

  8. Hello Hemanth,

    Your observations and writings are amazing . I would like to visit the naadi center you visited ( from your blog it seems to be authentic ) , Can u please provide the address or where it is located..( ) .


  9. Sir, please provide me the address and contact details of the Naadi Kendram. Thanks.
    My e-mail:

  10. Hi Hemanth, I was really seaching fot reliable center for me to read my Naadi astrology. Can you please send me address to below email id.

    Thanks in advance

  11. Hi,

    Great Post. I would be India next month and would like to check mine out.
    Could you kindly send me the address to below ID. Will let you know how it went..

    God bless

  12. Hi Balaji, Muruspas, Ravi, glad you all liked the article. Please "like" and follow the Enlightened Niche's Facebook page. More details there.

  13. Hi Hemantji...Can you give some titles of Brahmin of Agustya Gotra?

  14. informative and thanks a lot for the pains you took to research on this subject.The contemporary relevance of knowing ones own past present and future should definitely be for the progression of ones own life.


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